about us.....


    Founded at 1998/10. Editing dept from 2000/01.

    Business: publishing and direct sales.

    40 staffs (14 editors) / 400 sales representatives

    Turnover: NT$ 400,000,000 for 2006.

    2 door-to-door team, 1 tele-marketing team, around Taiwan

    China offices (北京明伦堂文化): Beijing (door-to-door), Shanghais (tele-marketing), Shenzhen (door-to-door)


    The Earth Citizen 365 : (2005/05~), 26 issues, around 30,000 subscribers.

Best Children Magazine of Golden Tri-Pot Award, 2007

    Mit It Top-- discovery Cultural & Geographic Monthly: (2006/06~).

nominated of Adult Magazine of Golden Tri-Pot Award, 2007.



1.Little Little(力豆力豆): pre-school learning program3 levels, covering 5 fields, each level has 60 picture books, 12 activity books and supplement

2.Little Stars beginners / Easy-reading(小星星): children English learning program

3.Picture books: Bears family(熊熊家族亲子故事集)/ Babu bears series(巴布熊)/ Candy House series(欢乐童话屋)/ Little Blue Whale: nature science picture books(小蓝鲸) / Moral stories Picture books (Time-Life)(品德水彩盒)

4.Non-fiction books:

Little Orange Trees (self-learning, 48 books) 小橘园

Little Fisher (popular science, 48 books)小钓手


ADULT: people, culture, history, nature, geography.

FORMOSA (96 issues) (produced by百巨国际文化Page International culture co.Ltd.)

Taiwan’s 400 years’ illustrated History (64 issues)

Amazing Nature / The Young Detective of Nature / Village kids on wild trails (Photography book, author: 徐仁修)

Around he World in 80 wonders / Lost Cities from the Ancient World / Castles of the World (licensed from White Star)